High Water And Sewer Bills? Think About The Dangers Septic Divers Face In A Typical Dive

Most homeowners using city water and sewer systems never think about how important the process of waste management is when they flush their toilets or pull the plug for dirty dishwater to go down their drains. However, many homeowners probably do wonder why their monthly bills seem too high just for water and sewer services. One of the reasons your local sewage treatment plant charges higher rates is because of the money they may have to pay for sewer divers when sludge tanks need to be repaired. Read More 

Sanitation Tips for an Outdoor Event

One of the most important aspects for planning an outdoor event is sanitation. If you're hosting a multi-day event, proper hygiene will be critical to keeping everyone healthy. Here are some steps to managing good hygiene. Good Portable Toilet Maintenance If there's one thing that can make your event's sanitation head south quickly, it's dirty toilets. Thankfully, many septic services can offer you regular maintenance for an event with a lot of volume so that your toilets don't overflow and become unsanitary. Read More 

Debunking Prevailing Myths About Main Septic Line Installation

If there is one thing that you do not want to hear from a plumber after an inspection of your septic system, it is that you are long overdue for a septic line installation. For many homeowners, the mere thought of such a task brings about a lot of fear and anticipation of huge service fees and major property disruptions. However, what many homeowners do not know is that there are actually a lot of myths about main septic line installation, and the actual facts may even bring you some level of relief. Read More 

Three Septic Drain Field Options To Reduce Ground Water Contamination Risks

If you live in an area without a sewer service, your home needs to have a septic system. This system will treat the waste that comes from the plumbing in your home. It consists of a tank and a drainage system that naturally filters waste through the soil. In some areas, ground water contamination may be a concern. This is why you may want to have an alternative solution for your septic system. Read More 

Understanding How a Septic Tank Works

Dealing with sewage is a problem we all must face. The advent of indoor plumbing made it easier to get sewage out of a house, but it doesn't make it just disappear down a drain. Many homes rely on a septic tank to break down solid waste so that it can filter out through a leach field. If you don't understand how a septic tank works, you may inadvertently clog your system, which will lead to early failure and maybe even to high replacement costs. Read More