Getting A New Septic System Installed? 2 Tips To Keep It Running Well

If you are having a new septic system installed for your home, there are many things you need to do to keep the system running well for you. This will ensure that things go smoothly for you at home and that you do not have a lot of problems, which can result in you spending a lot of money. 

Have it Pumped

One of the most important things you should do with a septic system is to have it pumped on a regular basis. How often you need the system pumped does depend on how large your family is. This is because the more people you have, the more water is used. The size of your septic tank also plays a role. In most cases, it should be pumped every few years.

Everything that you put down the drains in your home goes to the septic tank. The tank then processes the liquid waste. The solid waste sits on the bottom of the septic tank. Over time, this waste will build up. When the septic tank is pumped, it removes the solid waste. If the waste continues to build up this can cause complete failure of your septic tank system, your drainfield may have a lot of sewer water, and you may even have sewer water back up inside your home.

Clean the Filter

Your septic tank has a filter that is a very important part of your septic system. This is because the filter is what allows the liquid wastewater to drain. If this wastewater does not drain properly, you will have a backup in your septic tank system. This could lead to complete failure of the septic system.

The septic tank filter is located right under the lid to the septic tank. If you can, remove this lid. This is only if your lid is made out of plastic. In some cases, lids are made of concrete which makes them much harder to remove. If your lid is plastic you will see the filter inside the baffle, which is also called a tee. The filter is round and should have a handle. If so, you can pull it out either by hand or using a type of rod. If you do this by hand, make sure you put on gloves. Once removed, you can spray the filter with a hose to remove any stuck on solids. When clean, put the filter back in and then put the lid back on.

Your septic tank contractor can give you more tips on taking care of your septic tank. Contact a company with residential septic tank pumping services for more information.