3 Potentially Overdue Maintenance Steps For Your Septic Tank

Do you have a septic tank for your property? How long has it been since you had it pumped out or otherwise checked by a professional? If you're not sure or it's been a few years, chances are good that you're overdue for such a thing. Although a septic tank doesn't exactly need constant care and attention from you, there are still a few things that you may have been neglecting but that can be important to the functioning of the tank; this is especially true if your tank has been all but forgotten for a time. Some of the things that may be overdue include the following.


There is no set time for when you need to pump out your septic tank as this can vary greatly depending on the size of the tank and how much it gets used. In general, most septic tank pumping services probably recommend having the tank cleaned out every three to five years. Again, this can vary. If a very small tank was installed, it may need to be pumped out every other year in order to prevent the solids from overflowing. If the tank is quite large and there are only one or two people using it, you may be able to go six or seven years. This is something to discuss with the septic tank professionals.

Line inspection

Over time, sewage and septic lines can become blocked for a variety of reasons. This may be because the line itself has settled since installation, creating a dip that gathers waste. There could be plant roots that have broken in and are absorbing nutrients. The line could also simply disintegrate over time and start to collapse. Whatever the cause, it's important to know if this is happening so that you can take steps to repair the issue and/or replace the line. In addition to tank cleaning, many septic tank pumping services also offer line inspection and they'll be able to tell you if there is anything to be concerned about.


Very extreme heat or cold can greatly impact the populations of beneficial bacteria within your septic tank. Although being buried underground will shield the tank somewhat from extreme temperature variations, this protection isn't indefinite. In order to help your septic tank continue to process waste as efficiently as possible, talk to one of your local septic tank pumping services about what sort of additive you should be using. These additives consist of a specially selected mixture of bacteria and yeast that you flush down the drain approximately once a month. This will help keep your septic tank functioning properly and can prolong the time between having the tank pumped out.

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