Proper Placement For Portable Restrooms On A Construction Site

Access to a functional toilet is important when it comes to the health and safety of your employees. When you are working on a construction site, you might not have access to indoor plumbing. Portable restrooms can offer a viable solution for your sanitation needs.

The usefulness of the portable restrooms you rent can be dependent largely upon the placement of these restrooms on your work site. Carefully consider the most beneficial location to maximize the convenience these mobile restrooms can offer.

Find a Level Area

No one wants to deal with a toilet that has tipped over. This means that the most important thing that you should consider when trying to determine where you will set up portable restrooms on your work site is the topography of the site itself.

Portable restroom safety requires that each unit be set up on a solid and level piece of ground. Construction companies will often level out the area where building takes place, but leave the surrounding work lot untouched. Find a level area or create one with a grader to ensure your portable restrooms are stable during use.

Create Multiple Locations

You probably will rent more than one portable toilet if you have a large crew of workmen employed on a construction site. The number of restrooms that will be needed to accommodate your workers will depend on the final head count of people using your construction site.

It can be useful to break up the restrooms that you rent to create multiple sanitation locations. This ensures that there will always be a toilet nearby when nature calls one of your workers away from his or her duties.

Identify High-Traffic Areas

If you are still unsure where you should place your portable toilets, take the time to evaluate the way workers use your construction site throughout the day. There will be some areas that have a higher level of foot traffic than others.

These areas tend to be near food preparation or parking areas. Placing restrooms in these high-traffic spots can ensure that you are providing the most convenient access to toilets possible for your workers.

Renting portable restrooms is a great way to keep your construction site sanitary when no indoor plumbing is available. Carefully consider the placement of each rented toilet to maximize the efficiency and convenience of these mobile restroom units as you and your workers rely on them in the future. Contact a service, like RCS Inc, for more help.