4 Tips For Caring For A Commercial Septic System

Septic systems provide effective waste management solutions for a number of companies and businesses. While they work very well, it is important to be diligent about commercial septic systems in order to prevent major problems from arising. Taking several simple steps can help ensure that your company's commercial septic system works well for many years. Use the following tips to keep a commercial septic system operating properly without major issues:

Don't Skip Inspections

When your place of business has a commercial septic system, regular inspections are absolutely essential. Routine inspections are needed to identify issues that may need to be repaired before the septic system fails and sewage rises up through drains in the building. In addition, you need to have your company's commercial septic system inspected to monitor the waste levels so you can schedule to have the septic tank pumped as needed.

Keep Original Diagram of Your Septic System

When a commercial septic system is installed, the owner of the building typically receives an "as built" diagram that shows the exact layout of the septic system. It is important to keep the "as built" diagram in a safe spot so it can be easily accessed if needed. In the event that you need commercial septic services, having the "as built" diagram makes it much easier for a septic system service company to maintain or repair your company's commercial septic system.

Protect the Outdoor Septic Areas 

When your company's place of business has a commercial septic system, there will be a septic tank buried under the ground as well as a leach field that removes liquid waste. To prevent problems, it is important to avoid driving or parking vehicles, trucks, or heavy equipment in the vicinity of the septic area. Consider placing a small fence or a hedge around the perimeter of your company's septic tank and drain field in order to keep the area protected.

Pay Attention to What is Flushed

The last thing you want to do when your company has a commercial septic system is use the toilets as garbage cans. Flushing chemicals, trash, oils, cleaners, or solvents can disrupt the delicate balance inside a septic tank by killing off the bacteria and microorganisms that decompose the waste. Nothing should be flushed down the toilet besides toilet paper and waste. Make sure that all employees understand this fact and pay attention to what is being flushed in order to prevent problems.