Mysophibians And Anthropophobians Meet In The Bathroom!

Mysophobia is the fear of all things contaminated by germs, bacteria, and viruses. Anthropophobia is the fear of other people. When you suffer from both of these anxiety disorders, using a public restroom is definitely not for you. However, there is a solution for you that will definitely make you feel more safe, secure, and private. 

Toilet Trailer Rentals

Imagine if you could rent a perfectly well-equipped bathroom that followed you wherever you went. You would never have to worry about using a public restroom or come face to face with the terrifying horrors of an outhouse. As a mysophobian and/or an anthropophobian, having your very own toilet/restroom that nobody else touches would be a dream come true, would it not?

Well, that is exactly what a toilet trailer rental is. From the outside, it looks like a work trailer. From the inside, it is a deluxe, gorgeous restroom, with one to three stalls, a vanity, one to two sinks, and your choice of a hand dryer or paper towel dispenser. (Most people who share your anxiety disorders opt for the hand dryer so that they do not have to touch anything.) Underneath this trailer (or behind it) are the holding tanks for waste, which can be emptied by the company that rents the trailer to you.

Why This Invention Is the Best Thing for You

Having your own private restroom trailer means that you have your own private place to do your business whenever and wherever. It means that you can hook this trailer up to the back of a car or truck, find a deserted stretch of road, and take a quiet vacation away from people with no worries about how you will safely (and without contamination) relieve yourself. If you have ever wanted to try renting a cabin in the middle of nowhere and go on vacation there, now you can because the toilet trailer eliminates the terrifying aspect of leaving home and going on vacation.

Terrified of Making Reservations on the Phone? Make Them Online!

It is understandable that your particular anxiety disorders would prevent you from placing a reservation for a toilet trailer over the phone. That is why many of these companies that rent toilet trailers allow you to go through the toilet trailer rental process online. You can easily and securely book the rental from the comfort of your home. The trailer will be delivered on the date and time you reserved, and then you are free to use it as you please.