How to Know Whether Your Slow Draining Pipes Is an Isolated Problem or Something More

If you are having issues with a single clogged drain or several clogged or slow draining plumbing fixtures in your home, you may be wondering what the issue is. Most people assume that such problems are isolated incidents in which that individual fixture is in need of drain cleaning. However, there is also another possibility. That possibility is that you have a larger problem with your home's main sewer drain.

Get to know more about some of the ways that you can tell the difference between the two so that you can hire pipe or drain cleaning services that can better serve your needs and resolve the problem with your plumbing as quickly as possible.

Your Drains Frequently Make Gurgling Sounds

When you are washing dishes, doing laundry, or running water in one of your sinks, the water draining out should not make a great deal of noise. A normal drain or a pipe that has an isolated clog will not often make gurgling noises as the water flows out of it.

However, when you have a deeper clog in the main drain from your home, gurgling can occur. This gurgling is indicative that you have a partial clog in the main water drain from your home. The sound occurs due to air bubbles in the clog. Removing the clog from that main sewer line as soon as you notice gurgling sounds can prevent the sewage running through that pipe from backing up and causing a mess in your home.

Drains Continue to Clog Even With Efforts to Clear Them

If you have a specific plumbing fixture or multiple plumbing fixtures that clog repeatedly, even when you have used various drain cleaning methods to clear a clog in those specific pipes, there are a few issues that may be at play. Some clogs are deeper and cannot be reached without professional drain cleaning services. And those clogs may also be too far down in the pipe to respond to chemical drain cleaners that you can purchase at the store.

The first step to dealing with a plumbing fixture that continues to clog or drain slowly is to have a drain cleaning service try to scope and snake the drain to see if there is a clog in that specific pipe. However, if they do not find one, the next step will be to do the same to your main sewer drain to locate any blockages in that area. Most of the time, repeated clogs, especially if there are multiple fixtures affected are a sign of a blog in the main drain rather than smaller clogs.

With these scenarios in mind, you can better determine which type of drain cleaning service you need to resolve your plumbing clog issues.