Septic System Tips For Vacation Homes

Are you thinking about building a summer cabin? Are you already planning out where everything will go? When planning a summer cabin, it's easy to overlook what'll happen with the waste water. Even though septic systems aren't the nicest things to think about, they certainly make your life more comfortable. Here are some things to consider when planning your new summer vacation spot:

Tank placement: Although you might think that your cabin will look best on a particular rocky outcrop, that may not be the best place for any septic systems that you intend to use. If the builders are unable to bury the waste water pipes properly, such as because the ground is actually one giant slab of rock, you may not be able to have indoor plumbing at all. Shallowly buried wastewater pipes can freeze in the winter, just as freshwater pipes can. If you don't want to be forced to dig and use an outhouse, you may have to settle for the cabin being built in a slightly less picturesque location.

Tank size: When considering septic systems, it's natural to want to spend as little money up front as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to higher costs in the long run. For a cabin in the woods, the cost of pumping out a septic tank is obviously going to be higher than a similar one that's located nearer to the city. This is due to mileage and other fees that a septic pumping company may add on to the base cost. As a result, you should consider purchasing a tank that is slightly larger than what you think you'll need. A larger tank will need to be pumped out less often and may save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

 Tank contents: What you put into your septic tank is almost as important as the size. You should never put anything into a septic tank  unless it specifically says it's supposed to go there. Some things that shouldn't get flushed down the drain include baby or "flushable" wipes, cotton swabs, gloves or other items made of latex, paper towels, and cat litter. At best, you'll simply have to have your septic tank pumped out sooner. At worst, you could wind up clogging your septic tank and potentially damaging your leech field. By only putting toilet paper and other things okayed by a septic company into septic systems, you'll help to keep them functional and healthy for as long as possible.