How To Stay Safe When Your Septic Tank Is Being Worked On

If your septic tank needs to be worked on or pumped, there are a few things you need to do to keep you and your family safe.   

Clear A Path

The first thing you need to do is clear a path to your septic tank for your septic worker. If you have any vehicles that are in the way, park them in another location before your septic worker arrives. If there are any other yard equipment that is in the way, put it away in another location where it will not interfere with access to your septic tank.

Secure Your Pets

When your septic worker is doing their work, they need a safe work area. You don't want your dog running around outside while they are opening up your septic tank. The fumes from your septic tank can be harmful for your pets. 

Keep your pets secure inside of your home or garage where they will not get in the way of your worker. If your dogs or pets need to be outside, see if a friend can watch them for the day. 

Keep Your Children Away 

You also need to keep your children out of the way while your septic tank is being worked on. Sometimes, when your septic tank is being worked on, gases can get backed up and come into your house and harm you and your children. Try to arrange to have your children out of the house while your septic tank is being worked on. 

Take Precaution Near The Septic Tank

If you go out to talk to the septic tank worker and look at the work being done, make sure that you are properly prepared. Your septic tank opening can let off gases that can cause you to pass out and even can suffocate.

You also need to watch your footing while your septic tank is being worked on. If the ground is soft or your tank is compromised, and that is what is being addressed, you don't want to fall into your tank. 

If you want to inspect your septic tank or see what is being done, make sure that put on a gas mask. This will protect you from potentially toxic fumes. You should also never light a match or lighter near the septic tank; the gases your septic tank releases could cause it to explode. 

Make sure you follow the safety precautions above whenever you need your septic tank worked on.   For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Elliott's Septic Service.