Sanitation Tips for an Outdoor Event

One of the most important aspects for planning an outdoor event is sanitation. If you're hosting a multi-day event, proper hygiene will be critical to keeping everyone healthy. Here are some steps to managing good hygiene.

Good Portable Toilet Maintenance

If there's one thing that can make your event's sanitation head south quickly, it's dirty toilets. Thankfully, many septic services can offer you regular maintenance for an event with a lot of volume so that your toilets don't overflow and become unsanitary. Consult your septic service to determine the appropriate number of toilets and maintenance schedule based on the size of your group.

Have Washing Stations Near the Food Centers

If you are serving food at your event, it can be hard to control the sanitation levels of your guests near the food centers. One way to maintain hygiene is to have a washing station near your food area. Some people will opt for a simple wet wipes station, but it's also possible to set up an actual flowing faucet without the need for pipes. Essentially, the faucet will be fueled by a water tank, and then the dirty water flows into a separate receptacle that can be set up by your septic service.

Appropriate Trash Containers

Having the right recycling, trash, and compost bins can make hygiene much simpler; people won't be as tempted to pile their garbage all in one bin or litter. It can help to have an actual person standing near the recycle and garbage bins to encourage people to use them.

Light Up Sanitation Areas

Your sanitation stations will be much more effective if they're accessible around the clock. If you need to power lights for your sanitation areas, consider using a small fuel-based generator as a reliable outdoor power source.

Pest Control

Rodents and bugs can spread illness quickly through your guests. In order to prevent unsanitary pest conditions, you should have your event area sprayed ahead of time with bug and rodent control substances. During your event, monitor conditions that could cause pests to hang around, such as guests spilling beverages or leaving food out overnight.

Of course, not everyone will take advantage of the sanitation systems you've set up; that's why it's important to have good reminders, such as volunteers to monitor littering, food spills, and other issues. But if you set up the right facilities for hygiene, you can significantly reduce the spread of germs at your event. Contact a service like Onsite Portable Toilets & Septic to make a plan for your gathering and avoid as many issues as possible.