Debunking Prevailing Myths About Main Septic Line Installation

If there is one thing that you do not want to hear from a plumber after an inspection of your septic system, it is that you are long overdue for a septic line installation. For many homeowners, the mere thought of such a task brings about a lot of fear and anticipation of huge service fees and major property disruptions. However, what many homeowners do not know is that there are actually a lot of myths about main septic line installation, and the actual facts may even bring you some level of relief.

Myth: Septic main installation can cost as much as $10,000 or more.

Fact: It is true that installing a main septic line can be one of the more expensive projects a homeowner has to face; however, it is not often as expensive as a lot of people think. Generally speaking, you should expect the main septic line installation to cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,600 on average. Your costs can be higher or lower depending on your location, whether other lines will have to be replaced in the process, and the age of the existing lines.

Myth: Main septic line installation will involve digging up large portions of your property.

Fact: Years ago, if you had to have a main septic line installed, it would have always involved backhoes and various other pieces of heavy equipment to dig up the old line and install a new one. However, there have been a lot of advances in the septic industry and many contractors now use directional drilling methods to replace deteriorating lines. This involves using a high-powered drill to reach into the ground at one entry point and insert a new and smaller line through the old one.

Myth: The costs associated with main septic line installation are always the responsibility of the homeowner.

Fact: If you are connected to a local sewer system, the entire costs of installing a main septic line may not always fall on you as the property owner. In some cases, the city will cover a portion of the costs, especially if the lines were placed at the time of the sewer system.

Even though septic line installation can be a major undertaking, it is not always as bad as you may expect. To get the facts about this project before you become nervous, talk to a professional contractor for more information and never hesitate to ask questions about your concerns. To find out more, speak with someone like SOS Septic Inc.