Three Septic Drain Field Options To Reduce Ground Water Contamination Risks

If you live in an area without a sewer service, your home needs to have a septic system. This system will treat the waste that comes from the plumbing in your home. It consists of a tank and a drainage system that naturally filters waste through the soil. In some areas, ground water contamination may be a concern. This is why you may want to have an alternative solution for your septic system. Here are some of the drain field solutions that you may want to consider to protect ground water:

1. Bio-filtration Drain Fields For Natural Solutions

While conventional septic drainage uses pipes, gravel and synthetic filter mediums, there are also natural options. A bio-filtration system can naturally filter septic waste through things like wetlands and planted areas. Bio-filtration systems can be completely enclosed and naturally filter waste with plants and natural greens. This is a great way to prevent waste from ever reaching the soil and contaminating ground water.

2. Lined Mound Drain Fields To Raise Soil Levels

Mound systems can also be used as an alternative to conventional drain fields. These systems have a raised bed of soil for drainage. They are ideal for areas that have high water tables. Mound systems can also have a liner installed to prevent waste from reaching the ground. If you want a mound system, you can also use landscaping features to hide the mound. Structures like retaining walls are good for properties with varying elevations. A retaining wall can be built on a hillside to hide your septic mound.

3. Chambered Drain Field Systems For Better Drainage And Filtration

There are also chambered septic systems, which are much like conventional drain fields. These systems have a series of chambers with the drain pipes in them. They can also have things like filtration medium, or even include a liner beneath the chambers. Chambered systems can have better drainage and filtration, which makes them a great choice for many different types of septic systems. These systems can also be used with mounds and other drainage solutions like bio-filters, because the waste can go to a wetland area after it leaves the chambers.

If you want to prevent the contamination of ground water, these are some drain field options you may want to consider for your home. You can contact a septic service, like AAA Cesspool & Rooter Service, and talk with them about doing some of these improvements to your septic system.